World Of Warships update kicks off a barrage of new British battleships, a limited-time event and more


Publisher and developer Wargaming today released update 0.11.6 to its free-to-play naval military game World of Warships. The latest patch is now available to download, bringing a barrage of new British battlecruisers to early access, improving American destroyer models, and introducing a new limited-time event.

The all-new branch of Tier III-X British battlecruisers features ships equipped with powerful torpedoes and repair party consumables that help regenerate HP lost in firefights. Fans of British warships will see familiar historic ships, such as the Tier III Indefatigable and the Tier VI Renown. They are accompanied by five new project ships: Tier VII Rooke, Tier VIII Hawke, Tier IX Duncan, Tier X St. Vincent and Premium Tier VII Collingwood with their unique camouflages.

After Wargaming improved the first wave of US destroyer models, the developers are revamping additional ships in Update 0.11.6. The second wave will bring adjustments to the composition of the defense, the distribution of HP and the positioning of torpedo tubes and battery guns. Players will see these changes for American destroyers Sims, Sims B, Sampson, Wickes, Clemson, Nicholas, and Farragut.

And it wouldn’t be a new patch without some kind of event, so Wargaming introduced the limited-time “Titan of Industry Event” for this update. It will be similar to past events like “Clash of Courage” and “Battle of the Beasts”, except this event allows players to choose between three British shipyards: Chatham, Elswick and Clydebank to support. Shipyards each offer different rewards, a unique Commander, and redeemable British Tokens used to get new ships in early access or permanent camouflages. Players will have until August 10 at 6:00 a.m. EST to try out the event.

You can find more information about Update 0.11.6 on World of Warships development blog.

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