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World of Warships sails through hot water after an employee swears on a Twitch streamer via a promo code.

National Dog Day in World of Warships

World of Warships is once again at the center of the controversy. Last week, the free-to-play naval warfare game came under fire for its increasing use of lootbox-style mechanics to monetize its summer event, leading dozens of streamers to abandon World of’s community contribution program. Warships.

Now we find out that one of the few streamers who didn’t drop out of the program has been kicked out for criticizing the developers. And on top of that, someone at Wargaming even sent a personalized “f — you” to the streamer in the form of a promo code.

The streamer in question is Turry, a Russian gamer who recently criticized Wargaming for not playing his own game. In 2020, less than 300 games were played by all of the Wargaming developers combined, a post that was inappropriate for Wargaming.

In addition to kicking Turry out of the Community Contributor program, a developer went one step further by posting a promo code that included a personal affront to Turry. The code “W0LAXU5FKUTURY5” was posted on a Russian stream offering players bonus content, but English-speaking viewers noted that “FKUTURY” appeared to be a message intended for Turry.

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It might have been a coincidence, but to wargaming’s credit, they recognized the promo code and issued a full apology on the World of Warships forums.

World of Warships 1

via Wargaming

“As you know, last Friday a bonus code with offensive content was distributed on our official stream, insulting our player and popular streamer Turry,” the post read. PC player). “This is unacceptable. We conducted an internal audit and found that this situation was due to the actions of a certain employee. The employee was suspended from this position and the most stringent measures were applied to him based on the results. of the audit. ”

Not only did Wargaming apologize on the forums, but also posted other apologies in the form of another promo code. “TURRYWEARESORRY” will offer World of Warships players 1,500 Community Tokens to use towards purchasing loot for your ships.

As for Turry, he told PC Gamer that the apology went a long way to assuage his initial outrage, but that the apology did not include an invitation to return to the community contributor program.

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