World Of Warships Announces The Longest Night Of Museums 2022



Wargaming today revealed new details for its Longest Night in Museums 2022 initiative, in which world of warships will play a role. Starting May 18, 2022, the game will release one museum showcase article per week, which will help players better understand each museum’s naval history for them to enjoy at home. Each item will have museum curators helping to bring their museums to life as they provide fascinating information, assets and historical details for those who are truly interested in these exhibits for each respective museum. You can find out more below as some of the content will be shared live in-game Youtube channel.

Credit: Wargaming

world of warships has hidden characters in the articles to encourage readers to read all the stories and discover the special bonus code. The first person to crack the code will win a five-day, all-expenses-paid trip for two to one of the naval museums featured in the articles. These articles will also contain embedded video footage from last year’s Longest Night of Museums event, which drew more than 1.4 million people on a virtual tour of the more than 15 naval museums around the world that took place. participated via Twitch and YouTube.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, museums have been hit extremely hard over the past two years. Beyond the financial impact, many lack their own digital platforms to share their exhibits and have the desired impact on the remote world. Therefore, Wargaming, the developer of the world’s most historically accurate battleship video game world of warships, continues to support these museums and bring them to a wider audience. The event was publicly celebrated by the world of warships community, which has more than 50 million players, and museums at last year’s event hailed the impact it had on their organizations.

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