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Wargaming has released a new update for world of warships which includes a new mode that will have you fighting from the sky. Airship Derby, as it’s called, will have you racing an airship over the waters from point to point, trying to be the first across in one piece. They’ve also added new super aircraft carriers, pan-Asian cruisers, and a few other goodies. We’ve got minimum notes and a teaser below, and you can read the full patch notes herebecause the update is now live.

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New super aircraft carriers

Jet planes on the horizon! Not one, but two new super carriers make their debut world of warships, celebrating British and American naval powers. The Eagle originated in the British Navy, home to some of the most advanced deck aircraft of the 1950s, including jet aircraft. The United States has been recreated in-game based on original unfinished blueprints from 1949, giving players a glimpse of what could have been. Both ships carry two types of squadrons: standard and an all-new tactical squadron. These very fast jet planes can quickly cover significant distances and carry out lightning-fast attacks against enemy ships.

world of warships derby airship

In the latest update, players can also dive into a brand new temporary game mode: Dirigible Derby. This will see teams of 12 face off in a Tier X ship showdown, escorting these iconic airships to their destinations. Based on historical tactical warfare, where important diplomats would be escorted to conduct secret negotiations in neutral territories, players can get a first-hand feel for high-stakes missions. Those who can outrun their opponents and deliver their airship first will be victorious.

Pan-Asian cruisers

The all-new Pan-Asian cruisers will continue their regular run in Early Access, with Rahmat and Harbin all available for Pan-Asian Tokens while Jinan and Sejong are available for Doubloons. Port Dragon has also been updated to celebrate the release, with access to a special combat mission to unlock a unique commemorative flag.

Personal challenges and Mediterranean event: Spain enters the fray!

From the launch of Update 0.11.1, players will be able to participate in personal challenges, to earn as much XP as possible while mixing different ship types and nations. As a reward for this Mediterranean-themed event, players can receive two Tier VI ships, the Spanish heavy cruiser Canarias which will be the first of the Spanish ships in the game, and the long-awaited Royal Navy cruiser Dido.

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