Will China send military forces to Pakistan to protect its interests?


Chinese President and Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping signed an order that allows China to impose military operations other than war.

“Outline of Non-Military Military Actions (Essay)” will come into effect on June 15, 2022. The overview consists of 6 chapters and 59 articles that propagate Xi Jinping’s ideology of socialism and his vision of China in the new era.

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It recapitulates the experience of previous missions and draws heavily on relevant theoretical achievements from the army and the field, providing a standardized framework for troops to conduct non-military military operations based on the principles, organizational structure and structure of command, as well as security, political work, etc.

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According to Chinese media, this will give PLA troops legal authority to provide humanitarian aid, disaster relief and peacekeeping missions. However, the order aims to strengthen Xi Jinping’s ability to control the military to ensure national sovereignty, security and geopolitical interests.

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An important part of the plan is that it allows the PLA to send Chinese troops to execute overseas operations with the aim of protecting Chinese investments, projects, personnel and strategic trade routes abroad. abroad in order to avoid the fallout from regional instability.

In April, the BLA carried out a terrorist attack on a Confucius Institute shuttle bus at the University of Karachi in Pakistan, killing three Chinese professors. Additionally, the BLA has targeted Chinese nationals on several occasions. With the new plan, Beijing may have reason to send military forces to Pakistan.

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