Video: Visiting Warships at DIMDEX 2022


The biennial event held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Amir of the State of Qatar, and hosted and organized by the Qatar Armed Forces, features fourteen international warships from nine competing countries to attract attention. Qatar’s new military training ship Al Doha makes its main appearance.

“The Visiting Warships Exhibition at Hamad Port, which gives visitors the opportunity to explore modern warships and interact with crew members, is one of the most outstanding features of DIMDEX since the inaugural edition”,

Staff Brigadier (UAE Qatar Navy) Abdulbaqi S. Al-Ansari, Chairman of DIMDEX.

Other warships marking their participation in the show include HMS Middleton, a Royal Navy Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessel, Italian Navy frigate ITS Carlo Bergamini, INS Kolkata, a destroyer launches Indian Navy missile BNS Prottasha, a Bangladesh Navy Type 056 corvette, the Algerian El-Moudamir class frigate El Radii, the Saudi Navy Hitteen Badr class corvette and the heavy support vessel Al Nassir Al Musbhir-class speedboat of the Royal Navy of Oman.

The Pakistan Navy has sent three vessels: the PNS Shamsheer Zulfiquar-class frigate, the PNS Azmat Azmat-class missile boat and the PMSS Kolachi, a Kashmir-class patrol boat.


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