USS Oakland equipped with a naval strike missile system



The U.S. Navy Independence variant littoral combat ship USS Oakland (LCS 24) completed the installation of the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) with the NSM Launch Module on December 9 at Naval Base San Diego.

“The addition of the NSM strengthens the capabilities of the LCS to engage with ships in addition to the ship’s mission module,” the service said in a statement. declaration.

The NSM is a long-range precision weapon that can track and destroy enemy ships at ranges of up to 100 nautical miles (115 miles or 185 kilometers). The weapon system was produced as part of a partnership between Raytheon Missiles & Defense and the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defense Aerospace. Several countries have expressed interest in the missile.

“Adding NSM to LCS ships adds lethality and beyond the horizon capability,” said Oakland Blue Crew commander Cmdr. Derek jaskowiak.

“The presence of an NSM acts as a deterrent and provides additional offensive capability for deployed LCS ships, and is a major asset for the fleet,” he added.

“First of its kind” weapon

The NSM can evade enemy defense systems by performing evasive maneuvers and flying at sea-skimming altitude. It uses an advanced seeker for precision targeting and carries a 500-pound class warhead with a programmable fuse.

The weapon can also be used in ground or amphibious operations as it has the ability to ascend and descend with the terrain. The US Navy selected the NSM in 2018 for its defense on the horizon of LCSs and future frigates.

The weapon system is the successor to the Penguin anti-ship missile system and the world’s only fifth-generation long-range precision missile.

Coastal combat ship

The Littoral Combat Ship is a fast, mission-driven platform designed to operate in near-shore environments for use against 21stcoastal threats of the century. The ship is capable of supporting forward presence, maritime security, sea control and deterrence.

In addition to the USS Oakland, four other Independence-class Littoral combat ships are armed with the NSM: the USS Jackson, the USS Charleston, the USS Gabrielle Giffords and the USS Tulsa.



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