US military forces deployed in Washington DC to quell Floyd protests



04 June 2020 09:52 STI

Washington DC [USA], June 4 (ANI): US military forces were seen on the streets of Washington, DC on Wednesday and placed on high alert to respond to unrest in the nation’s capital if needed.
Videos posted on social media by local media showed buses carrying US soldiers arriving in Washington.
Defense officials told CNN on Wednesday that there was deep and growing unease among some in the Pentagon even before President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he was ready to deploy the military to enforce the order in the United States.
As tear gas floated through the air in Lafayette Park in front of the White House, Trump announced from the rose garden that if state or city leaders refused “to take action necessary to defend life and the property of their residents, ”he invoke the Uprising Act, a law of 1807 that allows a president to deploy the US military to suppress civil unrest.
The president, who faces a growing death toll from the coronavirus pandemic and uncertain re-election prospects in November, is now emphasizing law, order and a military response against U.S. citizens, have officials told CNN.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper has contacted governors of several states seeking National Guard troops to help contain the security situation in Washington, DC, and although some have offered their support, Governors of Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware declined the request.
States cited the need to keep their guards in the state, a discomfort the guards would report to Attorney General William Barr and not local authorities as well as Trump’s call to use force in a “dominant” response to protesters, officials told CNN.
A Defense Department spokesperson confirmed Tuesday morning that the New York National Guard was due to move to Washington last night, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo withdrew his permission. Another Pentagon official told CNN that support was also expected from Delaware, but the state returned troops to Wilmington.
In Virginia, an official with first-hand knowledge of the proceedings reportedly said Gov. Ralph Northam decided not to send troops after Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser and his team told Virginia officials they did not. requested additional help.
Looting and riots have plagued the streets of the U.S. capital and several other cities that began last week after the murder of George Floyd, a black man who was arrested by police in Minneapolis. (ANI)



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