Ukrainian military forces succeed in destroying Russian weapons during satellite broadcasts on railway lines | World | News


New satellite video footage of Ukrainian troops detonating Russian weapons in Ukraine has circulated online. Ukrainian troops are seen wiping out one of the Russian 2S19 Msta howitzer divisions in dramatic fashion. The revived Ukrainian troops continued to defend their country, with the help of weapons sent by NATO member countries.

A video posted by @ArmedForcesUKr shows satellite images showing Ukrainian servicemen from the 93rd Cold Yar Brigade performing a successful mission.

The Russian military forces erred by dumping and storing their expensive unused weapons on Ukrainian railway tracks.

Ukrainian drone footage located the weapons and used what appear to be missiles aimed at detonating them.

Nighttime footage shows fluorescent patches of land lit by fires following shelling by Ukrainian troops.


Russia has one of the largest nuclear arsenals and fears that Russia is using them are growing.

Russian military personnel have previously used thermobaric weapons in Ukraine, and world political leaders have expressed concern that they may use biological weapons.

A senior US administration official has claimed that there are currently “deep concerns” about Xi Jinping’s alignment with Putin.

The official said: “We are communicating privately and directly to China our concerns about the kind of support other countries might provide to Russia.”

The official added: “Russia has its own potential to continue the operation which is proceeding according to plan and will be completed on time and in full.”


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