Ukraine unveils improved Soviet-era anti-tank missile system



Ukrainian state defense manufacturer Luch has unveiled a self-propelled anti-tank guided missile system based on the Soviet-era Shturm-S system, Defense Blog reported.

The Barrier-S system features semi-automatic anti-tank missile control in line of sight, offers a higher rate of fire than its predecessor at a range of six kilometers, and is protected against electronic countermeasures, the report added. publication.

The vehicle-mounted armored system is equipped with RK-2P and RK-2POF anti-tank guided missiles and a modern guidance system.

The manufacturer claims the system is effective against “targets with combined, transported, or monolithic armor, particularly with reactive explosive armor.”

Its targets range from “main battle tanks, light armored vehicles, small ships, [to] low-flying aerial targets, ”the post added.

Demonstration of anti-tank systems

The Kieve-based company demonstrated a range of anti-tank guided missile systems last month in a field exercise attended by Pakistani Army Chief of Staff Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa.

The exercise saw missile systems such as the Skif and Corsar demonstrate their capabilities, accurately hitting a number of targets, Defense Blog wrote.

The chief of the army was would have impressed with the demonstration and praised the performance of the newest Oplot tank and the Skif anti-tank system (an export modification of the Stugna missile system), the post added.

“Pakistan is keen to strengthen defense cooperation with Ukraine on the basis of technology transfer and joint ventures in the future, as both sides can benefit from each other’s experience,” a door said. – speech of the Pakistani armed forces.



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