Twin Falls County Sheriff warns of diesel and gasoline theft


Some thieves are desperate and some are just bad people. The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office reminds you that many thefts are crimes of opportunity. The harder the challenge, the less likely you are to become a victim. Farms and ranches in Magic Valley are fuel depots. You want to protect what you have. Without it, trucks and tractors cannot operate. You can find ways to protect what you have.

There are inexpensive solutions

You might consider closing off your fuel tanks. You can install locks if you don’t already have them. Lighting is also a plus. In brightly lit areas, criminals know they can be seen and often identified. The cost of security cameras is a bargain compared to what you would have paid 20 years ago. If it saves you thousands of dollars you’ve invested in fuel, then why not install some.

Make the thief think about the odds

My father once posted warning signs on his windows and on his doors. No potential burglar was notified that he had a sophisticated alarm system. He didn’t, but he didn’t air his bluff. If a thief needs to determine whether or not there is an alarm, this could be a deterrent.

Organized gangs are looking for energy sources

If fuel prices remain at high levels for a long time, you can expect sophisticated and organized efforts to increase when it comes to criminal and gang activity.

These security measures are also important because we don’t have cops on every corner 24/7.

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