Turkey prepares to build 3 new national warships


Turkey’s main defense industry body said on Wednesday it would launch a tender for the manufacture of three new frigates under the National Ship Project (MILGEM) which has already provided Turkish naval forces with domestically produced combat ships.

The Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) said that the production rate of domestically made parts in new ships will be higher than before.

Ismail Demir, head of the SSB, told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that they will continue their efforts to meet the needs of the security forces with the most advanced technologies, with the aim of a “fully independent Turkey in the defense industry “.

Defense of the “blue homeland”, which Turkey calls the seas surrounding the country, is an important part of these efforts, Demir said, as the military prepares to strengthen its naval might.

“Our national industrial companies have the capacity and the capacity to build ships that are second to none in the world at competitive costs. Building on this strength, we are taking another important step in the MILGEM project. The tendering process for the sixth, seventh and eighth vessels has started. The locality rate will be much higher, ”he said.

“Our goal is to make our ships available to the security forces as quickly as possible. Our new ships will include more national equipment and weapons systems, ”said Demir, adding that national warships would strengthen the navy’s position which“ instills trust in friends and fear in the enemy ” .

The project includes the construction of ships that will perform reconnaissance and surveillance, detection, identification and reconnaissance of targets, early warning missions, defense of bases and ports, anti-sub-warfare. navy (ASW), surface warfare, air defense, amphibious operations and patrol activities. for the command of naval forces.

With the exception of systems that require further development, improvement or localization, the ships will be equivalent to the fifth ship of MILGEM, the Istanbul frigate, which is the advanced version of the older corvettes built under the same program. .

Bidders for production must have a national shipyard or the design subcontractor must cooperate with a national shipyard. For the call for tenders, it will also be required to have led or executed a design / construction project for a surface military platform with the SSB or to be a partner of companies fulfilling this condition.

The MILGEM project has so far completed deliveries of the Ada class corvettes, the first of which was the TCG Heybeliada in 2011, the second was the TCG Büyükada in 2013, the third was the TCG Burgazada in 2018 and the fourth vessel, the TCG Kınalıada in 2019.

The Istanbul frigate (F-515), which was produced through close public-private cooperation – as is also the goal for the coming period, was launched in January this year.

The TCG Istanbul, which includes different characteristics from the previous four corvettes, is a product of 70% local production.

Turkey is also manufacturing its MILGEM corvettes for the Pakistani Navy under previously signed agreements, and for Ukraine, which would include a transfer of technology.

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