The world’s best naval corvette warships and why there is no clear number one



The Corvette is probably the second most common military ship for the Marines in the 21st after the frigates. This is mainly because corvettes can function as multi-purpose vessels that can help the navy in many different ways and situations. They are cheaper and more versatile compared to other battleships and are also cheaper during operations. But, there’s a problem with corvettes: we can’t determine which one is the most advanced and capable ship of its kind.

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The best active corvettes in the world

via the IDF spokesperson’s unit photographer

There are plenty of advanced and excellent corvettes around the world, but we’re here to name the best of the best in this article. Indian Kamorta class, Chinese Type 056 class, Baynunah class from United Arab Emirates, Buyan and Steregushchiy class from Russian Navy are sure to be in the top ten of the seas right now. But let’s go a step further and see which are the top five.

Among the top five is the Milgem class of the Turkish Naval Forces, a multipurpose corvette used for reconnaissance, early warning, anti-submarine warfare and attacks of any kind. The SIGMA class of the Royal Netherlands Army is an excellent corvette with a lot of versatility.

At the top, the Norwegian Navy deploys the Skjold-class corvette which can sail at the impressive speed of 60 knots (69 mph). The class consists of six light, ultra-fast and stealth corvettes, consisting of 15 to 16 members each.

The very last German corvette, the K130 Braunschweig class, is an ocean-going corvette which replaced the fast attack ships of the Gepard class. With the exception of advanced systems and sensors, the ships carry one 76mm OTO Melara cannon, two Mauser BK-27 automatic cannons, four RBS-15 Mk.3 anti-ship missiles and are fitted with two RAM Block II launchers d ‘a capacity of 21 missiles each. There is enough space to carry two Saab Skeldar and can also deploy mines.

Last but not least, the corvette that many officials consider the best in the world, the Visby class, has served the Swedish Navy since 2009. The class contains five active ships equipped with heavy armament. The ship carries one 57mm Mk3 Bofots, eight RBS15 Mk2 anti-ship missiles, four 40mm Torped 45 torpedo launchers, 127mm ASW rocket-propelled grenade launchers, mines and depth charges. There is also a helicopter track on the corvette. The interesting feature of the vessel, its stealth profile, as its unique design reduces the effective area of ​​the radar and the infrared signature of the vessel.

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Here’s why we can’t figure out which one is better

Corvette ship
via Mark Harkin via Flickr

It is really difficult to determine the best corvette just because these ships do not have a specific role. There are mainly multi-purpose ships that are used in a variety of different roles and missions.

For example, in European navies some corvettes are very similar to military frigates and can function like them. There are a huge variety of different scales, designs and characteristics of corvettes that it is really impossible to clarify or explain what a corvette really is. This is the main reason why it is not known which corvette is really the most powerful and capable.

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