The “Joshan” missile system will become operational this year: Cmdr



Brigadier-General Ali Reza Elhami announced the news on Saturday and reiterated that the “Joshan” advanced missile system will become operational during the current year (from March 21, 2021).

He further underlined that the Iranian army’s air defense has acquired emerging technical knowledge and know-how, in particular “laser”, “quantum” technology and its accessibility to space.

Regarding the recent achievements and progress of the Iranian Army Air Defense Forces, Brigadier General Elhami said that the macro strategy of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is the turning point in the developments and progress of the military. air defense which dramatically improved the country’s defense power in international arenas.

The mission of air defense is to protect and defend the borders and the skies of the Islamic Republic of Iran against any air threat from enemies, he said, adding: “Therefore, all equipment and systems air defense systems that are taken in not only include radar and missile systems, but rather there are other systems that are part of air defense systems, but these missile systems have been overlooked by the public or very little information is available on this subject.

In the fields of active and passive radar systems, valuable achievements were unveiled last year (completed March 20, 2021), he said, adding that a new missile system named “Joshan Missile System” has was designed at the end of last year and it is hoped that this advanced missile system would become operational during the current year after undergoing the final tests.

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