The discussion is ongoing and decided in secret session


According to a Pentagon official, the Biden administration is working to respond to Slovakia’s offer to send an S-300 surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile system to Ukraine to protect it from Russian airstrikes.

During a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Celeste Wallander said the United States was considering options or heeding Slovakia’s desire to implement the ‘OK. obtained this information from the American online publication Defense News.

As you may recall, two weeks ago, Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nagy made an impromptu offer to send S-300 SAMs to Ukraine in exchange for Western allies supplying his country a “suitable replacement” to maintain its air defense capabilities.

Among other things, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the delivery of US Patriot resorts to Slovakia, which borders Ukraine, is not ruled out. Regarding the fate of potential S-300s for Ukraine, Celeste Wallander indicated that coordination talks were underway with some countries and that a more detailed answer would be given during a secret session.

“We are working to ensure that countries with Soviet air defense systems, including S-300 systems, as well as spare parts, missiles and other parts of this S-300 can hand them over to Ukraine.”

The US Congress has enough support to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. The Biden administration, on the other hand, opposes such a move. Simultaneously, in response to pressure from Congress, steps were taken to explore options for supplying Ukraine with air defense systems and other weapons.

The House of Commons committee hearings also focused on the prospects for the delivery of US anti-ship missiles to Ukraine, the implementation of Poland’s proposal to send MiG-29s to the Ukrainians and measures aimed at boosting Ukrainian production of Javelin and Stinger anti-tank systems. . personal reserves


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