SUNGUR air defense missile system enters TAF inventory



sungur air defense missile system enters tsk inventory

The SUNGUR weapon system, a next-generation short-range air defense missile system developed by Roketsan, is expected to be added to the Turkish Armed Forces inventory in 2021.

SUNGUR, which will provide low-altitude, close-range air defense to mobile and stationary units and installations on the battlefield and rear area, succeeded in destroying the air target at high speed with a full hit within range and at maximum altitude during firing tests. conducted in February 2021. As the qualification process for the system’s serial production line, which can easily support deconcentrated units by being a mobilized element, continues, ground and flight tests should be completed shortly.

The 8 kilometer range air defense missile used in the system stands out as the most important feature that sets SUNGUR apart from its counterparts. While the missile system increases the accuracy of the target hit with its Imaging Infrared Seeker (IIR) technology, it also has a significant advantage in destroying aerial targets with its warhead, which has a higher explosive power than the similar system. available in inventory. Again, the propulsion system, which allows it to be more efficient at longer range than its counterparts, and the use of sights, which allow the user to detect and visualize the target at long range before setting off. fire, are other technologies that increase the effectiveness and the probability of impact of the missile.

Having the friend-enemy identification system (IFF) which allows updating, SUNGUR also offers various advantages to the user with its ability to lock onto the target before firing and forget about fire. SUNGUR, which can be integrated with the Air Defense Early Warning and Command and Control System (HERIKKS-6), can thus perform a fully integrated task with other units on the battlefield.

The missile system, which continues to work on its integration with sea and air platforms, was integrated into the VURAN Wheeled Tactical Armored Vehicle in a short period of 3 months, as a land platform, under urgent needs. of the TAF. Standing out from its peers for its high maneuverability, SUNGUR’s potential targets include fixed and rotary wing aerial platforms and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Technical specifications of the SUNGUR weapon system

  • Maximum effective range: 8 km
  • Minimum effective range: 500 m
  • Effective altitude: up to 4 km (above sea level)
  • Infrared Imager Finder: (IIR)
  • Reaction time:

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