Submarines confirmed for World of Warships ranked game in new update



In the biggest update of the year, the ever-popular naval warfare MMO World of Warships introduced stealth submarines to the game, with homing torpedoes and sonar mechanics that bring a whole new tactical element in naval battles!

Dive into high seas combat with this explosive update, build a Dutch cruiser in the new shipyard or escape into the world of anime with the “Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These” crossover.

World of Warships has unveiled the upcoming update 0.10.7, packed with new content, including the addition of Submarines to Ranked Battles, the De Zeven Shipyard, the long-awaited return of the USS Missouri, and a unique collaboration with Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, the Japanese animated series based on popular science fiction novels.

The submarines arrive in classified

Submarines completely changed the face of actual naval warfare in the 20th century, and are now set to do the same in World of Warships. Players can discover a whole new world below the surface, taking control of deadly submarines, now playable for the first time outside of testing. These delicate yet stealthy ships bring a whole new tactical element to the game, as players weigh the pros and cons of four distinct dive levels and try out acoustic homing torpedoes, enhanced by sonar mechanics.

Some battleships have been fitted with anti-submarine defense planes to blow these ships out of the water, while many destroyers and some light cruisers can send depth charges to confront them. Players can test this new class in more relaxed co-op battles, and then put them to the test in the upcoming Ranked Battles Special Season.

Dutch cruisers: part two

Early Access to Dutch Cruisers continues in 0.10.7, with the added ability to build Tier VIII ship De Zeven Provinciën in the new shipyard through 24 phases of shipbuilding. In addition, the special event “Dutch Cruisers: Part 2” offers the reward of a commemorative flag and Klaas Jenssen, a Dutch commander with enhanced skills, when a chain of combat missions is completed.

Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

This update marks our first collaboration with a Japanese animated series based on the science fiction novels of the same name “Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These” ©, which have a deep story and overwhelming scale. Accompanied by a newly recorded custom voice for new commanders, players will be able to take charge of their fleet with Commanders, Reinhard von Lohengramm from the Galactic Empire, or Yang Wen-li from the Free Planets Alliance and more. New camouflages will also allow players to choose sides by dressing their ships in the colors of these two factions. More details will be revealed shortly.

The Return of Missouri

The USS Missouri will return to the sea soon, now at the same economic level as other Tier IX premium ships. With this update, the iconic ship that ended WWII will be available for purchase in exchange for doubloons.



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