Russo-Ukrainian War: Russian warships prepare for the Black Sea landing in Odessa


New Delhi, March 2: Groups of Russian ships are deployed in the Black Sea operational zone, which includes the Odessa region. This was reported by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The army noted that in the Odessa and Gulf region, the invaders are preparing for a naval landing operation. Their ships are lining up on the high seas in order to land troops on the Black Sea coast in the future, NV reported.

It is also known that the Russian forces demanded that the civilian vessel HELT, which was sailing under the Panamanian flag to Chornomorsk, enter the danger zone of the Black Sea. This vessel was meant to become a human shield between defenders of Ukraine and Russian forces, according to the report. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says “World War III will be fought with nuclear weapons.”

According to eyewitnesses, enemy ships can be seen from the shore with the naked eye. Journalist and transport expert Alexander Velmozhko tried to recognize them by their silhouettes. In his opinion, this is a patrol ship of project 1135 and a small anti-submarine project 1124. However, he does not exclude that there are other enemy ships of another point on the coast or further on the horizon.

“They defiantly hold in the territorial waters of Ukraine,” Velmozhko noted and added that “these ships are clearly visible, but they have no missile weapons and are obsolete as combat units “.

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