Russian soldiers use SA-13 air defense missile system to shoot down Ukrainian Furia drone | Ukraine – Russia conflict war 2022


According to information released by the Russian Ministry of Defense on June 10, 2022, Russian soldiers using Strela-10NATO reporting name SA-13 Gopher air defense missile system knocked out Ukrainian Furia reconnaissance drone.
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Russian soldiers use SA-10 Strela 10 air defense missile systems to shoot down the Ukrainian reconnaissance drone Furia.

“Precise and well-coordinated actions of the crew made it possible to detect the air target in a timely manner, identify it as an enemy unmanned aerial vehicle and eliminate it, without letting it recognize the terrain and adjust the fire of Ukrainian artillery,” the press office said.

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video showing the operation of the air defense crews of the Russian Airborne Force.

The GOPHER SA-13, Russian designation 9K35 Strela-10 is a Russian-made short-range SAM (surface-to-air) system based on the hull of the MT-LB multi-purpose armored tracked vehicle. There are two versions of the SA-13 Transporter-Erector-Launcher And Radar (TELAR) variant of the MT-LBu vehicle in service, designated TELAR-1 and TELAR-2. The TELAR-1 is fitted with four “Flat Box-B” passive radar sensing antennas, one at each corner of the vehicle’s rear deck, one facing the rear, and one between the driver’s vision ports in the front, while the TELAR-2 has none. .

The missile’s maximum speed is close to Mach 2, the engagement range is 500–5,000 m (0.3–3 miles), and the engagement altitude is between 10–3,500 m (33–11,500 ft). ). For its self-protection, a 7.62 mm machine gun is mounted on the hatch of the command post.

The Furia is a Ukrainian-made UAV (Unmanned Aerial System) designed to conduct ISR (Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance) missions. The drone is propelled by an electric motor driving a two-bladed propeller mounted at the rear of the fuselage in a “thruster” arrangement. It can reach a maximum speed of 75 km/h. It has an empty weight of 5 kg with a payload capacity of 1 kg.


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