Russian shipyards to drop off two warships and four submarines on August 23, Putin says



KUBINKA / Moscow region /, August 23. / TASS /. Russian shipyards will lay the keel of two combat ships and four submarines, including two nuclear-powered submarine cruisers, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday.

“The Navy is building its potential. Thus, the main Russian shipyards are setting up today two warships advanced in green waters and four new submarines, including two nuclear-powered missile cruisers,” Putin said at the time. of the opening ceremony of the International Military-Technical Forum of the Army 2021.

Russia is successfully implementing projects for the creation and strengthening of the combat potential of advanced types of weapons and military equipment. These include the Kinzhal airborne hypersonic missile system and the Okhotnik long-range drone, Putin said.

“Many of these armaments are unmatched in the world in their operational characteristics and some weapons will have no rivals for a long time, we can say that with certainty. The exhibition that is presented vividly confirms this,” said the leader. Russian. noted.

National defense industry

Russia has something to offer its allies and partners, Putin assured. In recent years, Russia has consistently implemented the National Armaments Program and the Long-Term Program for the Development of the National Defense Industry, which has resulted in the active upgrading of the military and the Russian navies who receive advanced weapons, said the Russian leader. .

As an example, Putin cited the country’s Strategic Missile Force, where the share of advanced weapons already exceeded 80%.

“For us, it is important because it shows the level of development of our armed forces and the potential of our science and our technology”, underlined Mr. Putin.

As the Russian leader also pointed out, the Army 2021 forum features more than 28,000 items of advanced weapons and equipment: from small arms to artillery, tanks and fighter jets, including the most have been tested in combat conditions and have proven their reliability and effectiveness.



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