Russian Navy warships fire anti-aircraft missiles and artillery guns during exercises in Crimea – Army and Defense



SEBASTOPOL, September 24. / TASS /. Crews of the Black Sea Fleet warships fired anti-aircraft missiles and artillery guns at enemy air and naval targets during exercises to protect maritime installations, the press office of the United Nations reported on Friday. fleet.

The shootings were carried out as part of the joint exercises of the warships of the Crimean and Novorossiysk naval bases of the Black Sea fleet. Navy sailors practiced their joint deployment and combat maneuvers as part of similar and combined arms tactical groups and conducted exercises to provide communications, anti-submarine and air defense for a naval group , the press office said in a statement.

At the final stage of the exercises, the crews of the warships fired missiles and artillery against sea and air targets from anti-aircraft missile systems and artillery guns. At this stage of the exercises, the naval maneuvers involved the five ships and vessels of the fleet, including the patrol boats Dmitry Rogachev and Pavel Derzhavin, the hovercraft Samum as well as the missile ships Shuya, Ivanovets and R-60 ”, indicates the press release.

The naval maneuvers brought together around 20 surface combatants and support vessels from the Black Sea Fleet, including anti-missile and anti-submarine warships, submarines, minesweeping forces from the fleet, auxiliary and rescue ships, planes and helicopters of its naval and air defense troops. Unmanned aerial vehicles provide visual control over the forces engaged in the exercises.



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