Russian Navy warships conduct anti-piracy exercises in Gulf of Guinea in eastern Atlantic – Army and Defense



MOURMANSK, October 13. / TASS /. Russian Northern Fleet task force deployed on anti-piracy mission to Gulf of Guinea, eastern Atlantic Ocean, trained to free fictitious ship seized by pirates during exercises, the Fleet press office reported on Wednesday.

The crews of the large anti-submarine warship Vice-Admiral Kulakov, medium tanker Akademik Pashin and rescue tug Altai organized exercises to free a fictitious ship seized by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea from the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of the African continent, “the press service said in a statement.

In the scenario of the exercises, the pirates captured an oil tanker whose crew managed to hide in the engine compartment of the ship and send a distress signal. The sailors of the Russian Navy managed to storm the ship and free its crew. A Ka-27PS helicopter that took off from the deck of the anti-submarine warfare ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov provided fire support for the air exercises, the press office said in a statement.

Following the liberation drills of the captured vessel, the crew of the large anti-submarine warfare vessel trained to fire a 100mm AK-100 artillery gun and Kinzhal surface-to-air missile system against the target that simulated the pirate ship.

The Northern Fleet task force carried out its anti-piracy mission last week upon arrival in the Gulf of Guinea. In addition to counter-piracy missions, the crews of the large anti-submarine warship Vice-Admiral Kulakov and support ships have been trained to provide potential assistance to sailors in distress in the ocean, says the communicated.

The large anti-submarine warship Vice-Admiral Kulakov began its deployment in distant waters with its departure from the main naval base of the Northern Fleet in Severomorsk on June 28. Initially, the crew participated in Russia’s main naval parade off Kronshtadt in the summer of this year and upon completion practiced specific episodes of their deployment to the Atlantic during a command exercise and staff for the forces and troops of the Northern Fleet.

From August 18 to September 23, the sailors of the Northern Fleet operated in the Mediterranean Sea, making business stops in Algeria, Syria and Cyprus and organizing a series of exercises for various types of defense for ships. war in transit by sea and training to track down a fake submarine enemy. Vice-Admiral Kulakov has traveled a distance of more than 19,000 nautical miles since leaving his original naval base, the press office said.



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