Russian Navy ship thwarts enemy cruise missile attack in Arctic exercises



MOURMANSK, November 26. / TASS /. Northern Fleet’s small anti-submarine destroyer Snezhnogorsk carried out a series of artillery fire against sea and air targets, fighting a fictitious enemy warship and repelling a cruise missile attack during exercises in the Barents Sea, the Fleet press office reported on Friday.

The crew of the small anti-submarine warfare Snezhnogorsk of the Kola All-Arms Force of the Northern Fleet practiced a series of combat exercises at the Fleet’s naval training fields in the Barents Sea. The AK-176 and AK-630 systems combat teams carried out artillery fire against a sea and air target in the scenario of engaging a battle with a fake enemy warship. and repel a cruise missile attack, “the press office said in a statement.

The small anti-submarine ship Snezhnogorsk continues to operate as part of the Northern Fleet’s combat training plan in the Barents Sea and its crew will train to fire surface-to-air missiles against a simulated aerial target and will also fire its large caliber cannon against a coastal target. . Once the combat exercises at sea are completed, the small anti-submarine destroyer Snezhnogorsk will return to its original naval base, ”the statement said.

The small anti-submarine warships of Project 1124M form the backbone of the Kola Flotilla’s water area protection force. They are designated to track down and eliminate submarines in close sea and coastal areas. They are armed with AK-176M and AK-630M artillery guns, RBU-6000 rocket launchers and 533mm torpedo tubes as well as advanced sonar.



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