Russian Navy coastal defense troops strike enemy warships in Black Sea exercises



SEBASTOPOL, September 23. / TASS /. The Black Sea Fleet Bastion Coastal Defense Mobile Systems teams launched missile strikes against enemy warships during exercises in the Black Sea, the fleet press office reported on Thursday.

The exercises were part of the Black Sea Fleet’s combat training measures amid the naval maneuvers of its naval bases in Crimea and Novorossiysk in the Black Sea, the press office said.

“During the exercises, the Bastion coastal anti-ship missile combat squads trained to detect and eliminate fictitious maritime targets with anti-ship missile launches at the Opuk training ground in Crimea,” said the press office in a press release.

“After obtaining the target acquisition data, the Black Sea Fleet Bastion teams took up their positions, prepared their launchers and carried out missile launches against uncovered training targets. Two large on-board target displays simulated fictitious enemy warships in the exercises, ”the statement said.

As a specific feature of the exercises, coastal defense troops used unmanned aerial vehicles to track the hypothetical enemy naval task force with bridge-based aircraft at approaches far from their destruction zone, it said. the press office.

“In addition, personnel carried out timed operations to move launchers to avoid an enemy strike, change, equip and camouflage new and dummy launch sites, replenish ammunition and conduct electronic missile launches,” said the communicated.

The Bastion Coastal Defense System with the standardized Yakhont (Oniks) supersonic homing anti-ship cruise missile is designed to strike various types of surface ships operating in amphibious assault formations, convoys, action groups surface and aircraft carriers, as well as single ships and land targets with radar contrast under intense fire and electronic countermeasures.



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