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A video released by the 71st Jaeger Brigade shows their sneak attacks on several Russian military positions. Footage shows the massive obliteration of Russian weapons and troops, some soldiers can be seen fleeing a large wooded area in one clip. The clip shows Ukrainian militants locating and targeting Russian troops using BMP-3, BTR and BMP-2 tanks, before they were destroyed.

The video shows Ukrainian troops zooming in and locating Russian targets before unleashing heavy artillery strikes on them.

Russian soldiers can be seen walking and driving alongside a Russian BMP-3 tank before the attack.

During the attack as they are hit by heavy artillery, the Russian soldiers begin to flee what appears to be a forest.

Target locations were quickly engulfed in clouds of thick gray smoke after the shelling began.

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An update posted on Russia’s military efforts in Ukraine on a Russian Telegram channel with 31,000 subscribers claimed that the arrival of Western-talented HIMARS had caused significant damage to the Russian military.

They said: “There were previously Western weapons supplies and intelligence assistance – Stingers, Javelins, NLAWs, Bayraktars and M777s along with Caesars and PzH-2000s

“But all of these weapons played a huge role in defensive battles and had limited offensive capabilities.

“No matter how good the same Caesars and PzH-2000 were, they could not match the superior firepower (5-10 times) of the artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – even if it is represented by the obsolete “MSTS” and frankly old ‘Acacias’.

“The battles of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk showed that. But HIMARS changed everything.”

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@AlixBrizet said: “Not yet, it’s going to be a long war. Slava Ukraine! Long live Ukraine!”

@Pageflipped said: “SlavaUkrainii!!!”

@Cheshirecat847 said: “Couldn’t follow this, no idea what, if anything, was hit. Constantly changing perspective and zooming in and out makes it impossible to understand.”

@AmericanNatione said, “The quality of Ukrainian videos has steadily gone down. It’s not clear if anything has been affected.”



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