Russian fighters and naval forces strike enemy warships during exercises in the Black Sea – Army and Defense



SEBASTOPOL, November 24. / TASS /. Crews of combatants from the Southern Military District and Black Sea Fleet combat ships carried out a joint strike against a hypothetical enemy’s warships during exercises in the Black Sea, the press office reported on Wednesday. of the fleet.

“The crews of the Su-27SM3 and Su-30M2 fighters of the Southern Military District Joint Aviation Unit stationed in the Krasnodar region carried out training flights over the Black Sea. cohesion in joint operations to deliver strikes against enemy surface targets, ”the press office said in a statement.

The exercises involved around ten crews of fighter jets and ships from the Novorossiysk Naval Base of the Black Sea Fleet, including the patrol vessel Vasily Bykov and the small anti-submarine destroyers Kasimov and Eisk. , according to the press release.

During the exercises, fighter pilots trained to thwart an enemy air attack on a naval base. They also honed the skills to perform acrobatic maneuvers and tactical techniques to intercept and attack aerial targets and implement anti-jamming measures, the press office said.



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