Russian defense contractor works to modernize Tor air defense missile system – military and defense


MOSCOW, September 1. / TASS /. The Izhevsk-based Kupol Electromechanical Plant (part of the Almaz-Antey aerospace defense conglomerate) is working on upgrading and improving the basic combat properties of the Tor air defense missile system, said to TASS the CEO of the company, Fanil Ziyatdinov.

The Tor has been continuously modernized since its inception. The Tor family of anti-aircraft missile systems has been modernized since 2013 by the Kupol factory design offices in close collaboration with the main specialized research institutes. Work is underway to radically improve all the basic characteristics of the system, both in combat and operational, ”the chief executive said at the Army-2021 international military-technical forum which ended outside of Moscow.

This year, Kupol showcased many of its full-size products at the Army-201 Arms Show, including the Tor-E2, Tor-A and Tor-M2KM surface-to-air missile launchers as well as launchers. Advanced Adyutant Multi-Purpose Air Defense Target Training System.

Kupol Enterprise is a leading research and production company engaged in the development and production of short-range Tor air defense missile systems. The Tor-M2 is the latest development of this system supplied to Russian troops since 2016. The air defense weapon is also produced in its Tor-M2DT Arctic version which has already started arriving for the troops.

The Tor-M2 is designed to protect vital administrative facilities and the lower echelon of ground forces against strikes from anti-radar and cruise missiles, hovering air bombs, airplanes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Tor air defense system can alone control the designated airspace and independently shoot down any air targets that are not identified by the friendly or enemy system. The Tor-M2 includes 16 vertically-launched surface-to-air missiles with a strike range of up to 12 km and an altitude range of up to 10 km. An improved locator is able to detect aircraft based on reduced radar signature technology.


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