Russia to deploy ‘Prometheus hypersonic nuclear missile system’ as it warns ex-USSR countries invasion is in sight – Reuters


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that he was preparing to deploy the “Prometheus” hypersonic nuclear missile system, designed to shoot down enemy missiles and aircraft.

The Prometheus S-500 anti-aircraft missile system can shoot down missiles up to an altitude of 125 miles and even low orbit satellites in space and is to be deployed on the battlefield in Ukraine.

Putin has warned the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) countries, which covered most of Eurasia, that if any of them challenge Russia, they will see a repeat of the Ukrainian invasion.

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Moscow threatens nuclear war after UK’s top general orders every British soldier to ‘prepare for war in Europe’

All countries that are former members of “historical Russia” will no longer be “allies” of Moscow if they turn against the Kremlin.

Addressing military graduates in Moscow, the Russian President said: “We will continue to develop and strengthen our armed forces, taking into account potential military threats and risks, and based on the lessons of modern armed conflicts, and improve their combat strength”.

Putin added: “Among the priority areas is equipping troops with new weapon systems that will determine the combat effectiveness of the army and navy in the years and decades to come.”

Earlier, Major General Babakov, commander of the Russian missile defense troops, warned: “The S-500 air defense system is capable of destroying hypersonic weapons of any modifications, including in near space, in addition aerodynamic and ballistic targets, which makes it possible to say with confidence that this system is unique.

It also comes after Britain’s top general, Sir Patrick Sanders, launched nuclear war after ordering every British soldier to “prepare for war in Europe”.

Lieutenant General Buzhinsky warned: “There [General Sanders] does not understand that as a result of World War III, Britain will physically cease to exist.

“The island will disappear, so I have no idea where he or his descendants will live.”

Buzhinsky confirmed that Russia is now at war with NATO, he warned that any attempt to obstruct Russia’s sovereign territory could make the situation in Ukraine look like “a joke”.

General Sanders, on his fourth day in charge of the armed forces, told every British soldier they must prepare “to fight again in Europe” as the conflict in Ukraine continues.

“There is now a burning imperative to forge an army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle.”


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