Russia denies military forces killed Bucha civilians in Ukraine | Russo-Ukrainian War


A spokesperson said Russian Defense Ministry experts “identified signs of video forgery”.

The Kremlin has categorically rejected accusations that Russian forces were responsible for killing civilians in Bucha, suggesting images of dead bodies lining the streets were “fakes”.

Over the weekend, international media reporters found dead bodies in civilian clothes – some with their hands tied – in Bucha after Ukrainian forces recaptured the town on the outskirts of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, from the army. Russian.

Ukrainian authorities said on Sunday they were investigating possible war crimes, while Western leaders erupted in outrage over the deaths.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Bucha’s facts and timeline of events did not support the Ukrainian version of events.

He said “Russian Defense Ministry experts have identified signs of fake video and various forgeries,” without giving further details.

“We would like to demand that many international leaders do not rush into sweeping accusations and at least listen to our arguments,” he added.

Peskov also said Russian diplomats would continue efforts to convene a meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss what Moscow called “Ukrainian provocations” in Bucha despite blocking their first effort to organize such a meeting.

Peskov declined to say whether the furor over Bucha would affect peace talks between Moscow and Kyiv, which were due to resume via videoconference on Monday.

On Monday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called for an international investigation into what he called “genocide” perpetrated by Russian troops in Ukraine, including Bucha.

“These bloody massacres committed by Russians, by Russian soldiers, deserve to be called for what they are. This is genocide and it must be tried,” Morawiecki told reporters.

“That is why we are proposing an international commission to investigate this crime of genocide.”

Such a commission “is essential if we want to discover the truth about the extent of Russian fascist crimes”.

Morawiecki also called for new Western sanctions against Russia and compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to autocrats of the past.

“Clear and determined sanctions are necessary. These sanctions don’t work,” Morawiecki said.

He also addressed French President Emmanuel Macron, saying: “How many times have you negotiated with Putin and what have you got? We don’t argue, we don’t negotiate with criminals. Criminals must be fought.

“No one negotiated with Hitler. Would you negotiate with Hitler, with Stalin, with Pol Pot?

Speaking to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Morawiecki said: “It is not the voices of German business leaders, German billionaires who are probably stopping you from taking action, that should be heard in Berlin today, but the voices of innocent women and children.”


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