Russia demonstrates Avangard hypersonic missile system to US



MOSCOW, November 26. / TASS /. The Russian military has demonstrated the latest Avangard missile system with the boost-glide hypersonic vehicle in the United States, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday.

“As part of the treaty on measures to reduce and further limit strategic offensive weapons, an American inspection group was shown the Avangard missile system with the boost-glide hypersonic vehicle on the territory of Russia from 24 to 26 November 2019 “, according to the ministry. said in a statement.

Russia has demonstrated its latest weapon in an effort to maintain the viability and effectiveness of the new START treaty, the statement said.

Avangard hypersonic system

The Avangard is a strategic intercontinental ballistic missile system equipped with a boost-glide hypersonic vehicle. According to open sources, the revolutionary weapon was developed by the Machine Building Research and Production Association (Reutov city, Moscow region) and was tested from 2004. The boost vehicle -glide is capable of flying at over 20 times the speed of sound in dense layers of the atmosphere, maneuvering by its flight path and altitude and violating all anti-missile defense.

The new weapon was unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his State of the Nation address to the Federal Assembly on March 1 last year. The Russian leader told a Defense Ministry board meeting in late 2018 that Russia has started mass production of Avangard hypersonic missile systems. Putin said at the time that the Avangard, along with the Sarmat missiles, Kinzhal and Peresvet missile systems, would increase the potential of the military and navy to reliably keep Russia safe for decades to come. future.



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