Rolls-Royce aims to electrify future Indian Navy warships


As part of the Carrier Strike Group’s upcoming UK tour, Rolls-Royce will showcase its capabilities in cutting-edge technologies, including the MT30 energy-dense marine gas turbine for warships, to customers of the Indian Navy. The company also announced its intention to support the electrification of next-generation Indian warships.

On October 15, the UK’s Carrier Strike Group, led by HMS Queen Elizabeth, sailed the Bay of Bengal, completing its second voyage in the past three months to demonstrate the expanding strategic partnership of the two countries . During the 40-country tour, Rolls-Royce plans to showcase naval propulsion solutions aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth warship, which includes the MT30 marine gas turbine and a low-voltage electrical distribution system.

“HMS Queen Elizabeth visiting India is one of the finest examples of technological excellence in naval warfare. We look forward to familiarizing our Indian customers with the capabilities of Rolls-Royce aboard this majestic warship and exploring areas of collaboration to further strengthen the power and range of the Indian Navy, “ said Abhishek Singh, senior vice president – Defense, India and Southeast Asia, Rolls-Royce.

The Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers feature an Integrated Electric Propulsion System (IFEP), capable of delivering more power, flexibility and reliability. It includes two MT30 marine gas turbine generators that generate 36 MW. That’s enough power to propel ships above 25 knots (29 mph / 46 km / h).

The MT30 offers substantial design advantages due to its power density, dramatically reducing the number of gas turbines required to power modern warships. HMS Queen Elizabeth also has a robust Rolls-Royce low voltage electrical distribution system that can power the equivalent of 5,000 homes.

Rolls-Royce hopes to provide the best options for integrating hybrid-electric and fully electric propulsion systems for Indian Navy ships, including the integration of the MT30, which introduces one of the most powerful gas turbines in the world. next generation warships.


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