ROKETSAN’s New Close Air Defense Missile System: LEVENT



levent rocketsan’s new close air defense missile system

Proving its worth in the air defense system solutions it has developed to date, Roketsan, in addition to the performance of the new LEVENT Close Air Defense System (YHSS), and the SUNGUR system, which has been developed to meet the needs of the ground elements and entered the phase of mass production, and the successes achieved in the application of ground vehicles, work has started on new missile systems and solutions to meet the close air defense needs of the command of the naval forces.

The Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, the Presidency of Defense Industries and STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. Under the contract for the Turkish Type Assault Boat (TTHB), which was signed in August 2020, after the design work to be carried out in the first 24 months, the production of the prototype will be carried out in the second period of 30 months. The “Close Air Defense System” is defined in the Turkish Type Assault Boat Weapon Configuration Requirements to be Designed as part of the signed contract.

The national LEVENT solution, which has been developed to meet the needs of the Turkish type towing vessel YHSS, will be developed by Roketsan in accordance with the requests of the Naval Forces Command under the YHSS TTHB schedule, which can operate both autonomously and integrated into the ship. sensor systems.

The system to be developed in the air defense missile systems of Roketsan kazanIt will be obtained using the knowledge, technological infrastructure and technologies of subsystems. The system, which will be developed with sensor technologies (research head, RF sensors, proximity sensors) developed within the framework of air defense projects, will have high efficiency, in particular against surface targets at high supersonic speeds and at Long range. YHSS will have the infrastructure to launch close-range air defense missiles as well as SUNGUR missiles. The ability to launch different missiles using a single weapon system is an important factor in the strike force capability and command flexibility of naval forces. kazan I’ll be.

LEVENT, which will be developed by Roketsan, will have manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic modes. The concept of integration and use of the system on the ship will be shaped according to the preferences of the Naval Forces Command, and there will be system solutions that are directly integrated into the onboard combat management system or that have a console. separate shooting and include both alternatives.

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