Republic of Fiji military cadets selected for West Point



RFMF Cadets Max Delai, Orisi Amaraki, Nathan Lilo, Fane Rokowailoa and Sera Lewaravu.

Two officer cadets from the Military Forces of the Republic of Fiji have been selected to study at the prestigious United States Military Academy at West Point.

Max Delai and Sera Lewaravu will be RFMF pioneers to attend the military academy.

Initially, only one place was allocated to the RFMF.

However, it is understood that the West Point Board of Directors were impressed with the standard set by the shortlisted candidates that another candidate was selected.

A joint announcement is expected to be made soon by the RFMF and the US Embassy.

Mr. Delai and Ms. Lewaravu were selected after a vigorous selection process by RFMF and their US counterparts.

Shortlisted applicants had to pass an Academic Aptitude Test (SAT) conducted at the U.S. Embassy in Tamavua.

The final selection was made by West Point Academy.

As for the successful candidate for the RFMF Naval Division to attend the Annapolis Naval Academy, an official announcement will be made soon.

Earlier this year, RFMF Commander Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto confirmed training opportunities at the two distinguished institutions.

The offer was made last September during a visit by US Navy Under-Secretary Thomas Modly.

Meanwhile, RFMF officer cadets Nathan Lilo and Orisi Amaraki have been selected to undertake studies at Royal Military College Duntroon, Canberra, Australia.

RMC is the training facility for officers of the Australian Army.

It is well known to prepare cadets by fostering leadership, integrity, loyalty and service.

Fane Rokowailoa is also pioneering the male-dominated institution.

She will be the first Fijian officer cadet to attend the Australian Defense Force Academy. It is the Australian military institution that combines military education and training with university studies for an undergraduate degree.

The Academy is supported under contract with the University of New South Wales.

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