Rajnath Singh to launch 2 Indian Navy warships in Mumbai on May 17


The Defense Minister is set to launch 2 Indian Navy frontline warships – Surat and Udaygiri – in Mumbai next week.

File photo of the front line warship Udaygiri.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will launch two Indian Navy frontline warships from Mazgaon Docks Limited in Mumbai on May 17, marking a milestone in their construction, officials said on Friday.

The “Surat” ship is the fourth and last of the stealth destroyers of the “Project 15B” program, while the second ship, “Udaygiri”, is part of the “Project 17A” frigate program.

Launch refers to a ship entering the water for the first time.

“The nation will witness a landmark event in the history of indigenous warship building when two Indian Navy frontline warships will be launched simultaneously at Mazgaon Docks Limited in Mumbai on May 17,” said an Indian Navy official.


The Project 15B class of ships are the Indian Navy’s next generation of stealth guided missile destroyers being built at Mazgaon Docks Ltd in Mumbai.

“Surat” is the fourth ship of the Project 15B destroyers which heralds a major overhaul of the P15A (Kolkata class) destroyers and is named after the commercial capital of the state of Gujarat. Surat city has a rich maritime and shipbuilding history and ships built in the city in the 16th and 18th centuries were known for their longevity (over 100 years).

The Surat vessel was constructed using the block construction methodology which involved construction of the hull at two different geographical locations and was assembled at MDL, the official said.

The first ship of this class was commissioned in 2021. The second and third ships have been launched and are in various stages of testing.


The ship “Udaygiri” is named after a mountain range in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is the third ship of the Project 17A frigates.

These succeed the P17 (Shivalik-class) frigates with improved stealth features, advanced weapons and sensors, and platform management systems.

The first two ships of the P17A project were launched in 2019 and 2020 at MDL and GRSE respectively.

Ships 15B and P17A were designed in-house by the Naval Design Branch.


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