Rafael unveils Sea Breaker advanced autonomous long-range missile system



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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled the development of Sea Breaker – a new, autonomous, precision-guided, fifth-generation long-range missile system designed for precision engagement in emerging and next-generation maritime and land threats, stationary or in motion, at distances of up to 300 km.

Described by Rafael as “a naval and artillery multiplier”, Sea Breaker is a day / night all-weather effector for use with naval platforms and land launchers operating in what the company calls a “new field. battle “where precision accuracy and low collateral damage are required in a target environment protected by advanced electronic warfare, area anti-access / denial (A2 / AD) and jamming and denial systems GPS / GPSS.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ new Sea Breaker autonomous, highly subsonic maritime and land long-range attack weapon system. (Rafael Advanced Defense Systems)

With a diameter of approximately 350 mm, a length of less than 4 m and a weight of less than 400 kg, the new missile is equipped with an advanced warhead of 107 kg of penetration, explosion and fragmentation. , owned by Rafael, which the company says “is capable of neutralizing a frigate-sized ship in one hit.”

Canister launched with a thruster and propelled in flight by a turbojet engine offering high subsonic engagement speeds, Sea Breaker features an aerodynamic airframe with a rear air intake integrated under the missile, a cruciform tail assembly and a central body, towards the back. Folded deployable wing assembly. The extent of the wingspan deployed is not disclosed, although
understands that it features similar geometries to the company’s Spice 1000 tactical ranged air-to-surface weapon system.

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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled the development of Sea Breaker – a new fifth generation …



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