Putin launches construction of new nuclear submarines and warships



MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday launched construction of new nuclear submarines and other warships, as part of a broad military modernization effort amid tensions with the West.

Speaking on a video call, Putin gave orders for two nuclear submarines armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles as well as two diesel-powered submarines and two corvettes at the Severodvinsk, St. Petersburg and Komsomolsk shipyards. -on-Love.

“We will continue to strengthen the potential of the Russian navy, to develop its bases and infrastructure, to equip it with state-of-the-art weapons,” Putin said. “A strong and sovereign Russia needs a strong and well-balanced navy. “

The Kremlin has made military modernization a top priority as relations with the West fell to post-Cold War lows after Russia’s 2014 annexation of Ukrainian Crimea. Moscow sought to re-establish a regular naval presence in parts of the world that the Soviet Union had during the Cold War.

The Russian Navy is already very present in the Mediterranean, with a naval base in the Syrian port of Tartous. He expanded and modified the base at Tartus, the only such facility Russia currently has outside of the former Soviet Union.

“We will continue to fly the Russian flag in strategically important ocean areas,” Putin said.

Monday’s ceremony for the new ships was part of the Army-2021 show intended to showcase military might and attract foreign clients for Russian armaments industries. The week-long show features planes, tanks, missiles and other weapons.

“Many of our weapons have capabilities that have no analogues in the world, and some will remain unmatched for a long time,” Putin said.



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