Oshkosh will supply carriers for the USMC NMESIS anti-ship missile system


Oshkosh Defense received $23.7 million Contract to deliver Remote Operated Land Unit Carriers for Expeditionary Fires (ROGUE-Fires) to the United States Marine Corps.

The new vehicles will make up the Navy and Navy Expeditionary Vessel Interdiction System (NMESIS), which provides HIMARS with anti-ship capabilities.

The service will integrate a Naval Strike missile launcher on a ROGUE-Fires carrier for better engagement of targets at sea and on land.

Work for the contract will be performed in Virginia, Maryland and Wisconsin. It is expected to be completed by November 2023.

ROGUE-Fires Vehicle

Oshkosh Defense’s ROGUE-Fires is an unmanned ground vehicle that leverages off-road mobility and advanced autonomous vehicle technologies.

It is designed to support land-based anti-ship missile operations.

“ROGUE Fires has been purpose-built and leverages the next-generation capabilities of several proven Oshkosh Defense vehicle platforms and technologies,” a company official said. pat williams said in 2021.

He further explained that the vehicle is configurable to meet the specifications required for each mission.

“The flexible design allows for the integration of scalable weapon system payloads to provide combatant commanders with flexibility based on mission requirements,” Williams added.

Last year, an NMESIS launcher attached to a ROGUE-Fires vehicle landed a direct hit on a target at sea during a live fire exercise.


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