Nigerian President inaugurates new warships at Lagos shipyard


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari unveiled newly acquired warships and a maritime defense boat built locally by naval engineers at the Lagos shipyard to bolster the navy’s efforts in combating maritime crime in the Gulf of Guinea.

Speaking at the event, President Buhari said the new integrations into the naval fleet would enhance their ability to secure Nigeria’s maritime domain.

“We must note that we are in a critical period where our country is facing a serious drop in our income and the security challenges we face. Despite these challenges, our administration is very determined to ensure that the Navy is well supported to achieve its statutory responsibilities, ”said Buhari.

Previously, the Nigerian Senate had asked Buhari to take over and refurbish one of the largest ships in the Nigerian Navy fleet.

The motion was sponsored by 15 lower house lawmakers.

President Buhari came for the commissioning of the third Seaward Defense Boat (SDB) dubbed NNS OJI, built by the Naval Dockyard.

The world has seen the number of pirate attacks on ships rise from 162 in 2019 to 195 in 202, according to Statista.

Waters off the coast of Niger saw the highest number of attacks in 2020 with more than 35 cases reported off the coast of the country.

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