Navy Missile System Featured in New Bond Movie “No Time To Die”



Army enthusiasts will be able to spot more than just human stars in the highly anticipated Bond film “No Time To Die”.

As reported by Forces News earlier this month, the Royal Navy’s HMS Dragon is playing his own starring role in Daniel Craig’s fifth and final appearance as a famous spy.

The warship, the Daring-class of Type 45 destroyers, appears on the big screen with its red dragon emblem on its hull, cutting through the waves.

HMS Dragon returns to Portsmouth in 2020 (Photo: MOD).

In the US version of the trailer and in the film itself, the HMS Dragon is seen firing missiles while maneuvering in hot climates, which the UK version of the film’s commercial did not describe.

A spokesperson for the MOD, however, told Forces News that “no guns were fired during filming,” suggesting the Dragon shooting scenes were created using CGI special effects.

In fact, the missiles fired by the Dragon’s Sea Viper weapon system used aboard these warships can detonate a moving target from the sky over 70 miles away.

03062021 Sea Viper Pulling 2 MOD CREDIT
The Sea Viper being pulled (Photo: MOD).

The ship has 48 vertical launch cells which house two types of Aster missiles.

The control has the ability to guide 16 missiles at the same time, firing at a rate of eight every 10 seconds – they explode on impact or at close range from a target.

Missile Specifications:

The Aster 15 is a short and medium range missile, which travels at a speed of MACH 3 and can hit targets over 30 km away.

The Aster 30 is a short and long range missile with a speed of MACH 4.5, which can reach distances of over 70 miles.

An upgrade of the destroyers’ missile system is expected in 2026.

The MOD says the new system will increase the missile capacity of destroyers to 72.

In addition to HMS Dragon, the Royal Air Force also granted filmmakers access to key resources and personnel.

RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire was used as a backdrop in the film, replacing a NATO air base at Noway.

During this time, the Army provided troops for the Household Cavalry.

Watch: New James Bond trailer for ‘No Time To Die’ starring HMS Dragon.



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