NATO strengthens its military forces in the Baltic region



British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon visited Estonia on Thursday to mark the deployment of 800 British troops at the gates of Russia.

The move is part of a NATO to dissuade Russia from intervening in the Baltic states as it did in Ukraine when it annexed Crimea. The transatlantic alliance has strengthened its military presence in the region and in Poland.

“We are sending the strongest signals that we remain true to our friends and we stand united in the face of aggression,” Fallon said.

Fallon used the visit to hit Jeremy Corbyn, calling out the Labor leader weak and gutsy on defense.

Meanwhile, Romania has said it plans to buy Patriot missiles from the United States to help protect its airspace, just as hundreds of Romanian and American soldiers braved the blizzard and tested their tanks and planes. during a demonstration of their military forces.

NATO commanders say deterrence is key.

“It’s about defending the alliance, it’s not about being aggressive towards anyone,” Major General John L Gronsky, Deputy Commander General of the National Guard said:

Russia criticized NATOthe military build-up as an aggression on its borders. Earlier this week he would have deployed more than 10 of its warships in the Baltic Sea, to fire missiles as part of a training exercise off Kaliningrad.



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