Moscow considers the deployment of an anti-missile system by the United States in Poland as part of its military planning



SOCHI, June 25. / TASS /. Russia will consider in its military planning the deployment by the United States of components of the land-based Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system near the Polish community of Redzikowo, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters on Friday.

He referred to these actions as further confirmation that Washington’s initial arguments about establishing a missile defense system to defuse the danger in the Middle East and the Far East “are in fact being overlooked. now”. “The installation in Poland, as in Romania and many other places, will become an element of the global missile defense system, which is constantly improved, and whose possibilities, including in terms of potential, of equal adversaries, are also expanding, “Ryabkov said, adding that Moscow” will take this into account in its military planning. “

The senior Russian diplomat also noted that not only for the United States and Poland, but for NATO in general, there is now a “good opportunity” to rethink Russia’s proposal on mutually verifiable moratoria on the non-deployment of medium-range percussion complexes in Europe. . “The installation of Redzikowo [settlement] should be examined in case such a mechanism is developed, we believe, if we are to be sure that there is no threat of deployment of US-produced intermediate-range ground-type missiles, ”he said. he adds.



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