Modern Warships Releases New Soundtrack Made In Collaboration With Command & Conquer’s Frank Klepacki


Artstorm has announced an exciting new collaboration in Modern Warships, allowing fans of the online PvP game to enjoy an engaging audio experience with Frank Klepacki from the acclaimed Command & Conquer series. The legendary video game composer lends his talents to online naval action gaming in an all-new soundtrack players can listen to on Artstorm Youtube channel.

In Modern Warships, players can expect continued expansions to units, features, battlefield types, and more. Only the bravest combatants will survive the ruthless onslaught at sea as players commandeer modern battleships as captain. They will compete with their friends online using realistic game models designed with an authentic touch.

The game features a host of different weapons and a wide variety of artillery players can tinker with, including machine guns, missiles, rockets and more (over 200 types of weapons are available). Players can also get their hands on fighter jets and deck helicopters during combat. There are more than 30 models available, as well as submarines and carrier planes also from various countries.

If you feel like having fun, you can catch Modern Warships on the iOS app store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can join the community of followers on the official website Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest developments, visit the official site for more on the title, or take a look at the embedded clip above for a little insight into the game’s vibes, visuals, and mechanics.

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