Mid-war India receives S-400 Triumf air defense missile system from Russia


India received the simulators and other equipment from Moscow for the training squadron of the S-400 Triumf air defense missile system.

The second missile system squadron is a training squadron and includes simulators and other training-related equipment only. It does not include missiles or launchers, defense sources told ANI.

Despite the ongoing conflict, defense supplies from Moscow continue, with the Indian Defense Forces having received deliveries of overhauled aircraft engines and spare parts.
However, there are concerns whether this will continue in the near future, as no solution to make the payment to Russia has yet been found.
“The defense forces received shipments from the Russians very recently and it still does. So far, there have been no supply problems for our forces,” a government source told ANI.
“However, there are concerns whether these supplies can continue in the same way that the Indian side cannot make payments to these Russian companies given the sanctions related to their banks,” he added. .
The sources said that the Indian and Russian sides are working to find a way to resolve this issue and that many options are being explored.
The latest supplies from Russia included overhauled fighter jet engines and spare parts for a fleet of planes and they arrived by sea route, the sources said.
India has also received the last parts of Russia’s S-400 Triumf air defense system whose first squadron is operational with its elements deployed to deal with threats from Pakistan and China.
India is one of the largest users of Russian weapons, including major platforms such as fighter jets, transport aircraft, helicopters, warships, tanks, military combat vehicles. infantry and submarines.
Over the past two decades, it has expanded its source base to include equipment from countries such as the United States, France and Israel considerably, but the reliance on Russia is still very high.
The Air Force depends primarily on Russian supplies, as its fleet of Su30 aircraft is Russian, as well as its fleet of Mi-17 helicopters.
The army is also completely dependent on the fleet of T-90 and T-72 tanks of Russian origin for armored regiments.


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