MBDA to equip Brazilian navy frigates with Sea Ceptor missile system



Brazilian Tamandaré class frigate in computer graphics. Credit: Embraer.

MBDA has won a new contract to equip the Brazilian Navy’s new Tamandaré-class frigates with the Sea Ceptor air defense missile system.

Sea Ceptor is an on-board all-weather air defense weapon system which, in combination with a fully active Modular Anti-Aircraft Common Missile (CAMM), provides protection against air threats.

The addition of this weapon system will allow the Brazilian frigates to strengthen their self-defense capabilities and respond to missile attacks to protect themselves, their partners and their fixed infrastructure at sea or in a port.

According to MBDA, the supersonic missile system has a range of over 25 km. It can be retrofitted to various platforms and can be controlled using the vessel’s existing surveillance radar sensors.

Sea Ceptor‘s soft vertical launch technology simplifies the installation process, while the vertical launch capability allows 360 ° coverage in all launch areas.

The system is already in operational service with the Type 23 frigates of the British Royal Navy and had been selected for the new Type 26 frigates.

Recently, MBDA was also commissioned to equip the new Type 31 frigates of the Royal Navy with the Sea Ceptor system.

Based in France, MBDA is a defense company specializing in the delivery of missiles and missile systems to the armed forces.

The joint venture is owned by Airbus (37.5%), BAE Systems (37.5%) and Leonardo (25%).

In March of this year, MBDA was awarded a contract to supply the new Teseo Evolved weapon system, dubbed Teseo Mk2 / E, to the Italian Navy. Teseo Mk2 / E is designed to defeat sea and land targets at longer range.



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