Lockheed Martin wins contract for Trident missile system



Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, prime contractor for the Navy’s Trident missile, developed and produced the missile and supporting equipment. (Photo: Lockheed Martin)

Lockheed Martin won a contract to provide support and production services for the Trident missile system.

Lockheed Martin, Rotary and Mission Systems, has been awarded a contract to provide support and production services for the Trident SSI Increment 8 by the governments of the United Kingdom and United States.

The contract is worth more than $ 191 million and an expected completion date of February 28, 2028.

Lockheed Martin is responsible for supplying the Trident SSI Increment 8 strategic weapons system, production of inertial navigation systems and associated inertial spare parts for shallow-water submersible platforms of the ballistic missile submarines of the ‘Ohio and Columbia.

The work will be carried out at sites across the United States, including Ohio, California, New York and Virginia.

The Trident II D5 is the latest generation of ballistic missiles from the USN’s submarine fleet. First deployed in 1990, the Trident II D5 missile is currently on board the United States Ohio-to classify and british nurse Avant-garde-to classify submarines.

According to Shephard’s defense overview, the UGM-133 Trident II, or Trident-D5, is a submarine-launched ballistic missile designed to launch nuclear charges.



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