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Wargaming has released a new update in World Of Warships: Legends today, as players get new British aircraft carriers. The game’s November update will bring other additions that will keep you busy, starting with the new Origin of Wisdom campaign which will bring new levels to French and German ships. The aforementioned new branch of Her Majesty’s Royal Service aircraft carriers will be added. Several Russian battleships are finally leaving Early Access, and the latest installment in the Warhammer 40,000 the collaboration will take place. Here’s a rundown of everything included in this update, available today.

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This brand new campaign spans six weeks and 120 stages, through two 3-week updates. The Origin of Wisdom campaign brings two new ships, the French Tier IV destroyer Siroco, with effective HE shells at Milestone 40, and the German Tier VII cruiser Mainz at Milestone 120, which features powerful cannons and sonar capabilities. . Players won’t need to choose the reward – both ships will be available with active Admiralty support once the campaign is fully completed.

One of the most important naval forces of WWII has landed on legendary seas: it’s time to attack with swordfish and barracudas from the decks of British aircraft carriers! The new line of the tech tree includes three ships: the Tier III Hermes, the Tier V Furious, and the Tier VII Relentless, with a special aircraft carrier commander Denis Boyd available in the early hours of the update. Bombed carpets and numerous torpedoes are ready to be unleashed!

The second part of this collaboration with Warhammer 40,000 arrives in World of Warships: Legends, with two new ships. The Black Templar Space Marines ‘Dorn Cross and the Orks’ Smasha Ship have arrived and are each equipped with dedicated commanders; Also available in this update are themed camos, flags, and patches, as well as dedicated Eternal War Crates that contain a whole set of merchandise.

Soviet Tier IV Kotovsky, Tier V Gorky, and Tier VI Tallinn cruisers are all available as the Tech Tree branch leaves Early Access. These ships are equipped with respectable flat ballistics, sonar, and torpedoes, making them good all-rounders at all levels. At the forefront of this lineup available in this update is the Tier VII Riga, which features impressive 8.7-inch (220mm) guns.
Last but not least, especially for competitive players, come three ranked seasons. Battles will be fought with Tier V, VI and VII ships depending on the season, without an arms race mechanic or aircraft carrier.

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