Japan touts frequent exits of PLA warships “with a bad conscience”



An embarked helicopter attached to a naval flotilla under the command of the PLA South Theater takes off from the guided-missile frigate Hengyang (Hull 568) during a combined arms training exercise. The flotilla in formation has covered more than 8,000 nautical miles in over 30 days, conducting dozens of exercises including air and missile defense, counterterrorism and anti-piracy operations, and joint search and rescue operations. Photo: China Military Online

Japan has stepped up its efforts to extol the “Chinese threat theory” as it continued to issue press releases that showed the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) warships carried out in at least six transits through strategically important straits near Japan in less than two weeks. . Experts said on Tuesday that Japan had acted out of its own guilty conscience as an excuse to change its pacifist constitution and increase its defense budget.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force spotted a PLA Navy Type 054A guided missile frigate on Friday as the Chinese warship transited the Miyako Strait. On the same day, another PLA Navy Type 054A was sighted in transit through the Tsushima Strait, according to two press releases issued Monday by the Joint Chiefs of Japan’s Defense Ministry.

This is not the first time that PLA warships have made similar voyages recently, as they made at least six such transits in November alone, according to Japanese statements. These were not only Type 054A guided missile frigates, but also Type 052D guided missile destroyers and a Type 903A full supply ship.

Earlier this year, other PLA warships, including the 10,000-ton Type 055 large-class destroyer, transited through the Straits near Japan.

By publishing these activities of PLA warships near Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Defense continues to extol the “Chinese threat theory” so that it can amend its constitution, expand its armed forces and increase its budget. military man, Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert and television commentator, the Global Times told the Global Times on Tuesday.

Japan is close to China and Chinese warships are due to cross some nearby international straits, analysts said, noting that China aims to build a deep sea navy and that the trips could be exercises, patrols and escort missions.

Seeing itself as a major technological powerhouse, Japan now envies the rapid development of the PLA navy in recent years compared to the development of its own maritime self-defense force, Song said.

Japan should understand that China’s military development is aimed at safeguarding its national sovereignty, security and development interests, Song said, noting that this would not pose a threat to Japan and that Japan’s hype about the “Chinese threat theory” only exposes its own guilty conscience.

The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force is organizing the multinational exercise ANNUALEX in the Philippine Sea from November 21 to 30, with the participation of navies from Australia, Canada, Germany and the United States. Experts said the exercise is aimed at deterring China, and some Japanese politicians and media are keen to employ forces outside Asia to create problems for China’s rise to power.



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