Iran to export surface-to-air defense missile system


TEHRAN, ($1 = 42,250.00 Iranian Rial) – Iran intends to export its long-range surface-to-air defense missile system, has learned, citing sources in Tehran and an export distribution catalog from the Iranian Defense Ministry .

Photo credit: Defense Blog

This is the AD-200 missile system, which, according to army reconnaissance, may be the export version of the Iranian BAVAR 373 anti-aircraft missile system. According to information published in the Iranian export catalog, the AD-200 is designed to intercept and hit targets at great distance and height. Aerial targets covered by the AD-200 are planes, helicopters and drones, Tehran said.

According to the catalog, the AD-200 hits targets at an altitude of 100m to 27 km and at a distance of 5 to 200 km. A battery is equipped with three radars, Transporter Erector Launcher with a launcher for four missiles. The warhead of the missile weighs 180 kg and the missile without warhead weighs 1870 kg. The missile has a guidance and self-targeting system.

AD-200 radars are a phased array with different ranges and 360° azimuth. One of the three radars can track up to 200 targets simultaneously, the other up to six targets simultaneously.

Learn about the Bava-373 missile system

Iran unveiled Bavar-373 missile systems [AD-200 is supposed to be the export version of Bavaria-373] October 22, 2020. then learned that during the Modafean Aseman Velayat 99 exercise, the Iranian military demonstrated and tested its latest development in the field of anti-aircraft missile systems – the Bavar-373. According to Iranian military engineers, the new Iranian system in service since last year can be compared in terms of characteristics and functionality with those of the Russian Federation – S-300 and S-400.

According to the technical data and characteristics provided, the Bavar-373 is a long-range air-to-surface missile system. The system has two missile silos, each loaded with the Iranian Sayyad-4 missile, which travels about 27 km. height and has a range of about 300 km. According to Iranian experts, the missile system serves not only to intercept aircraft but also to destroy ballistic missiles. From the information provided, it is clear that the entire anti-aircraft missile system is built and powered by an 8×8 truck, with the missile silos mounted in the rear axle of the vehicle.

Modafean Aseman Velayat 99 is a military exercise taking place in Iran and involves almost all units of the Islamic Republic Air Defense Force, as well as parts of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. [IRGC]. It is characteristic of the exercise that it takes place in half the country, which makes it a large-scale and nationwide exercise.


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