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According to the Xinhua News Agency, reported by Lin Congyi in China Military, a senior Iranian military commander said on September 9 that the country would carry out the final test of its upgraded missile defense system, dubbed Bavar (Belief) 373, in the next days. , according to the semi-official Fars news agency.
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Bavar 373 air defense system (Image source: Wikipedia/Mehr News Agency)

Alireza Sabahi-Fard, commander of Iran’s military air defense forces, said in a TV interview that the system had successfully completed all of its initial tests. He pointed out that all Iranian air defense systems are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with the Bavar 373 being the army’s flagship.

Bavar-373 (meaning Belief, and 373 being Abjad for Messenger of Allah!) is an Iranian long-range mobile surface-to-air missile system unveiled in August 2016. Iran describes it as a competitor to the S-300 missile. system. It is manufactured by the Iranian Ministry of Defense in cooperation with unspecified local manufacturers and universities. The system was officially unveiled at a ceremony attended by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on August 22, 2019, and declared operational the same day.

In April 2015, Iran unveiled some of Bavar’s subsystems, including the Fakour intelligent command and control system which has the ability to collect information from all sources relevant to air defense, including military radars passive and active (such as the Mersad), signal surveillance, missile systems, and command and control systems. The advanced Rasoul communications system is used to encode information, connect the nation’s infrastructure, and transfer radar information from the battle scene to command centers.

Bavar-373 uses Sayyad-4 missiles, which are contained in two rectangular launch cartridges. No formal information is given on this missile but news photos show that Sayyad-4 is similar to Sayyad-3 in wings and control surfaces, but its frontal shape varies slightly. Containers with Sayyad-4 missiles must be transported on the Zoljanah 10×10 truck.

Bavar-373 uses phased array radar to track aerodynamic targets and medium and long range ballistic missiles, mounted on the Zafar heavy truck.[OneoftheradarsusedinBavar-373isMeraj-4(Ascension)aphasedarrayradarwitharangeof450kmthatusesfuzzylogictechniquestotracktargetsMerajcantrackupto200targetssimultaneously[L’undesradarsutilisésdansBavar-373estMeraj-4(Ascension)unradarmultiélémentsd’uneportéede450kmquiutilisedestechniquesdelogiqueflouepourrepérerdesciblesMerajpeutsuivrejusqu’à200ciblessimultanément[OneoftheradarsusedinBavar-373isMeraj-4(Ascension)aphasedarrayradarwitharangeof450kmwhichusesfuzzylogictechniquestospottargetsMerajcantrackupto200targetssimultaneously

The Bavar 373 system is capable of detecting up to 100 targets, tracking 60 and engaging with six simultaneously. Bavar has an S-band acquisition radar for detection and an X-band (shorter range) fire control radar for missile guidance. Both are electronically scanned array active radars. Bavar can hit targets up to an altitude of 30,000 meters.

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Sayyad-4 missile for the Bavar-373 air defense system. Photo from Iran’s Sacred Defense Parade in 2019, held at Imam Khomeini’s mausoleum south of Tehran (Image source: Wikipedia/Fars Media)


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