IAI exhibited the BLUE SPEAR surface-to-surface missile system at the Singapore Airshow | The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com | Jewish Press News Bureau | 21 Adar I 5782 – February 22, 2022


Photo credit: Courtesy IAI

Blue Spear (5G SSM).

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) showcased its cutting-edge BLUE SPEAR surface-to-surface missile system (5G SSM) at the Singapore Airshow, one of Asia’s most influential defense shows, last week.

The system was co-developed with Singapore’s leading defense company, ST Engineering, and marketed by joint venture Proteus Advanced Systems. BLUE SPEAR is an advanced member of the next generation surface-to-surface missile system, built on the proven heritage of the Gabriel missile family.

The BLUE SPEAR System (5G SSM) is an advanced member of the Next Generation Surface-to-Surface Missile System that builds on the proven heritage of the Gabriel missile family. This missile system provides an agile and highly penetrating combined anti-ship and ground attack capability with a range of 290 km at high subsonic speed. It deploys an advanced radar seeker and advanced weapon control system to provide precise target detection and engagement.

The system can operate in all weather conditions, day or night. It has beyond-line-of-sight capabilities against moving and stationary targets, and offers sea and land launch options.

Against increasingly sophisticated countermeasures, the missile is capable of locating and attacking its target in littoral, ocean and land environments, and is uniquely designed to prevail in contested, congested and complex situations. The BLUE SPEAR (5G SSM) also offers significant military off-the-shelf (MOTS) advantages in terms of cost, lead time, entry into operational service and risk reduction.

IAI also exhibited its advanced integrated solution for air threats – the BARAK-LRAD and BARAK-ER air and missile defense systems, as well as its MF-STAR multi-function naval radar.

Additionally, IAI showcased its long-range multi-role maritime surveillance solution, the Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), as well as unique Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) capabilities with the ThunderB VTOL, developed by the subsidiary. of IAI BlueBird Aero Structures.

Also on display was the IAI Mini Harpy’s advanced tactical stray munition, designed for field and marine units.

In the civilian sphere, IAI showcased its industry-leading B777 passenger-to-cargo conversions, among other solutions and capabilities.

Boaz Levy, President and CEO of IAI, said, “IAI is excited to participate in the iconic Singapore Airshow and showcase our cutting-edge technologies – leading the future battlespace and leading of the industry in developing high-end systems of systems that provide holistic solutions, and the Singapore Airshow provides IAI with a unique opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge technologies alongside other companies in the region and the whole world. IAI’s missile and defense systems, as well as other advanced air, sea, land and space platforms reflect the company’s decades of experience, operational expertise and spirit of commitment. innovation that make IAI a globally recognized leader in the industry. We look forward to forging new partnerships and expanding existing collaborations while continuing to innovate and develop advanced technology solutions. »


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